My Biggest Disappointment

Fortnite Scene

Today’s post isn’t going to be a persuasive piece like I generally write. Today I just wanted to tell you a story about the biggest disappointment I have ever experienced… in the last 24 hours.

I realize I’m being dramatic, but the emotional trauma is still very real to me and I need to be able to sort out my thoughts in writing. Around Christmas time, I downloaded a relatively new game called Fortnite: Battle Royale. I was instantly addicted. Basically, you and 99 other players are air-dropped into a massive map. From there, you need to choose where to land wisely because this could make or break your game. If you land in a town, your chances of finding good weapons and supplies are really high, but you’re also more likely to die right away because everybody drops into the towns. However, if you drop into a more remote location, you are less likely to find good gear, but you’ll probably be alone wherever you land. After you land and collect gear, it’s every man for himself. The map will slowly be consumed by a deadly storm and all survivors are forced closer and closer together until there is only one man left standing. Winning a game is the ultimate glory due to the level of difficulty.

Fortnite Scene

In the months that I have been playing this game (off and on because I like to mix it up with the games I play), I have never once won a game. I have finished within the top 5 countless times, I’ve even placed second a handful of times, but none of these finishes have been more disappointing than last night’s.

Just a couple of days ago, Fortnite began a new season. With each new season comes a major map update to keep things fresh and exciting. This latest update messed with a few of my favorite landing spots, so I’ve spent the last few days trying to discover new places to land that pose little risk but potentially high reward. That being said, this has almost always ended disastrously for me. That is, until yesterday night.

I landed in a newer area towards the edge of the map. Right away I heard someone else running around the same area, so I grabbed a gun and hid to wait them out. He eventually came into sight so I started shooting at him. Luckily, I killed him before he killed me, but he still did some damage. I’m down to 82 health.

I collected his weapons, which were all really good, and started making my way away from the storm that was already quickly approaching. It was slow going because I had to go through several towns to get to the circle, which I’m always cautious around. All of a sudden, I spot someone just over a ridge, so I hide in a bush and fire at them. Unfortunately I didn’t kill him and he was able to build a fort. From there, he was on the lookout for me so I didn’t dare move. I waited until he decided to move on before I started to move again. That’s when I noticed the storm behind me. I started to sprint, but I was no match. I was stuck in the storm and losing health fast. The clip below is not me, but it’s just a good video to show the dangers of the storm.

While I was running, I see that the same guy was also caught in the storm. I couldn’t miss my opportunity. I slowed down for just a second to take him out. I didn’t have time to collect any of his supplies, I just kept sprinting and eventually got out of the storm. I’m down to 20 health.

It’s down to the final 10 players. I hide in a bush and just wait. And wait. Watching a few of the final players fight each other. The storm is about to move again so I start making my way to the center. Out of no where, I’m getting shot at, so I turn and start to run. I’m down to 11 health.

I make my way around behind a cliff, but before I get to safety, the storm envelopes me again right before it comes to another stop. I jump back to safety. I’m down to four health.

There are four players remaining. I keep hidden behind this cliff and wait. Watching the storm to make sure it’s not going to get me again. If I get caught again, I’m dead.

Three players remaining. The other two players get caught in a battle of building walls and forts. I sneak underneath their forts to avoid the storm and wait. Two players remaining, and I’m one of them. I wait for a second to make sure the other guy can’t see me and I break down a wall and jump through. I pull out one of my gun’s and he drops down in front of me but is facing the other way. He didn’t see me! I fire a few shots before he’s able to turn around and fire back. But all it took was one shot to take me out. I’m down to zero health.

It flips to show his screen and I see he was down to seven health. My adrenaline was pumping, I was angry. If I would’ve had a shotgun out, he would’ve been dead and I would’ve won.

I am full of nothing but disappointment in myself right now. Maybe this pain will pass. Maybe not. All I know is that I need to get a win to redeem myself. I’ll keep you updated on my journey to glory.